Invest in gold, Invest in yourself to today and enjoy the rest of your life

Mansa minerals  is a Ugandan group of company focused exclusively on gold business for retail and wholesale customers. We offer dealing in nuggets Minted Bars and Cast Bars with worldwide delivery. Our flagship offering is full-service custody of gold in Uganda , Congo, Madagascar.

Our mission

is to deliver gold bullion products and services that enable people and institutions of different types to make gold investments that work for them. To this end we offer ‘full-service’ gold investment products where the client invests in physical gold bars in much the same way that they invest in unit trusts or private portfolios. In addition, we offer simple gold dealing, where clients may buy gold from us or sell gold to us. We offer our services in Ugandans  and international customers

Service Excellence

we believe that a person should hold a small proportion of their wealth in the best form of currency, as the bedrock component of their portfolio. ‘Best’ to us means the currency that holds its value over long periods of time, which has universal acceptability, and is out of the banking system. This means physical gold bars